Biometric System

A biometric system uses unique biological characteristics to identify individuals, enhancing security and authentication processes.

Types of Biometric Systems

  • Fingerprint Recognition: Analyzes patterns on fingertips for identification.
  • Facial Recognition: Identifies individuals based on facial features.
  • Iris or Retina Recognition: Analyzes patterns in the iris or retina of the eye.
  • Voice Recognition: Verifies identity based on voice patterns.
  • Hand Geometry Recognition: Measures and analyzes the shape of the hand.
  • Palm Vein Recognition: Uses infrared light to capture vein patterns in the palm.
  • Signature Recognition: Analyzes the way a person signs their name.

Uses of Biometric Systems

  • Access Control: Secure entry to buildings, rooms, hotel, offices.
  • Attendance Tracking: Record attendance accurately in workplaces and schools.
  • Healthcare: Ensure secure access to medical records and facilities.

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